VIDEO: Kayaker's 100-Foot Waterfall Descent In Tennessee

Fall Creek on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee is home to Ozone Falls—a waterfall more than 100 feet tall and known as the "Holy Grail of the Southeast" to kayakers.

A waterfall of this size can be a terrifying prospect for paddlers. And besides its height, Ozone Falls has several additional hazards, including a shallow landing pool. If a descent goes awry, the paddler can break bones or be knocked unconscious in the fall. The result could easily be death. 

But after a torrential rainstorm, North Carolina kayaker Pat Keller and friends decided it was time to put fear aside give the drop a shot. Keller's helmet camera fell off during the descent and was claimed by the waterfall, but his friends got the shot. To read more, check out the original story on Canoe & Kayak.

Hairy as it was, Keller was still a long way off from the world record descent set by Tyler Bradt. In 2007, Bradt plummeted 189 feet down a waterfall and paddled away with just a sprained wrist. Click here for that video.

Via GrindTV and Canoe & Kayak.