Infographic: Hillary Clinton, Travel PRO

Move over, Rick Steves, Anthony Bourdain and Ian Wright. There's a new top traveler, and you can refer to her as Madam Secretary. Hillary Clinton is, officially, the most-traveled Secretary of State. Ever. That makes her the most-traveled of a one of the world's bestl-traveled groups. Since being sworn in at the beginning of 2009, she's put in more than 800,000 air miles, jetting back and forth between 100-plus countries, and she's due to hit 1 million before her term is up. Sure, Clinton's not jumping out of airplanes, bombing down singletrack or pulling herself up distant crags, but there's plenty of adventure (if not activity, per se) in being the public face of the US of A. You know, international crises can be pretty exciting. So, Secretary Clinton, we doff our caps to you.

Tag along with her on this (frankly, head-spinning) tour of countries, cultures and—mostly, we imagine—airports. Then read this account of nine days and 19,000 miles with America's top traveler.

Via Condé Nast Traveler.