The New Record Wave? McNamara Surfs A 100-Footer

Stop for a second and picture yourself standing outside of the Lincoln Memorial. You're looking up to see the roof of the building, right? You feel dwarfed, right? Good. Now picture yourself standing on top of the Lincoln Memorial, looking down...except that the Lincoln Memorial is actually a monstrous wave, you're in the ocean and all you have between beautiful oxygen in your lungs and an extremely unpleasant death is a...well, a board.

Welcome to the life of Hawaiian big-wave surfer Garrett McNamara, who earlier this week rode a wave projected to be around 100-feet tall—which would mean that he's managed to break his own record for largest wave ever surfed. McNamara caught the giant off of the coast of Nazare, Portugal, also the setting for last year's record-breaking ride. Independent sources still must confirm the size of the wave before the new record is official, and there's always a chance that they'll knock down the size (his last big wave was projected at 90-feet and came in at 78), but there's one thing that's for sure: at some point in looking at these photos or videos, you will utter the phrase, "holy s***."

Video of the day is below, but it's only a "trailer," and doesn't show the Lincoln-Memorial-sized ride. But whatever is in that full video—oh, we're watching it.

Stay tuned.