What Does It Really Take To Climb Mount Everest?

There's no denying it: climbing to the top of Mount Everest is an arduous and demanding challenge, both physically and mentally.

But, what many don't realize about such a feat is that in addition to the many different factors that go into planning a successful summit, setting out to conquer Everest will also place quite a strain on your bank account.

How much does it cost?

Well, according to the climbing experts at alanarnette.com, the permit alone will set you back $11,000. Then you have to consider things like life insurance, hiring a Sherpa Guide and travel costs for to and from base camp — and those are just a few items on a seemingly endless list of expensive factors that add to a pretty hefty total cost.

At the end of the day, the climb can cost anywhere from $23,000 to $100,000, depending on how you choose to tackle it.

And of course, while the financial side of the exploit is probably one of the most important to review before setting out on such a journey, you'll also have to prepare by building your climbing skills, fitness level and mental toughness. Oh yeah, and then there's all the gear you'll need too.

Feeling overwhelmed yet? When first considering all the different factors, getting to the top of Everest might seem absolutely impossible, but people have done it before and many will continue to accomplish the climb.

So, if it's part of your adventurous bucket list, start your journey by first taking a look at the inforgraphic below. Designed by our friends at Winfields Outdoors, it neatly presents each aspect you'll have to consider before setting out on this epic journey.

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