Great Camping Apps For Foodies

Who said camping means "roughing it?" How is life rough when you escape your daily routine to stargaze in the heart of wilderness, tell stories in front of a crackling fire, and roast your evening's meal? Bocconcini basil s'mores anyone?

Camping affords us the inexpensive opportunity to eat fresh, wholesome foods and reconnect with how we used to live. Forget processed, road trip or restaurant fare, you're going au naturel in the wild. Just don't forget your essential secret weapon, your trusty iPhone. [slideshow:539]

This summer, as you embark on your first or 50th campout, bring a bit of the city into the country with apps to inspire fireside cookouts and even help with the bugs. Apps like Coleman's Camping Cookbook will help you channel your inner Jamie Oliver. It lets you search by cook method (stove, foil, dutch oven, grill, on a stick, etc.), meal or ingredients and with the app's added tips and meal planning sections, you have no excuse to not serve sauteed bass in lemon dill butter with vegetable skewers!

There's even a Bug Spray app that promises to keep bugs away without the mess and with this Camping Checklist app, you'll make sure you don't forget the vitals.

This story originally appeared on our sister site, The Daily Meal.