Gear Spotlight: Old School Travel Journals

For all the instant gratification of posting your travels to your Facebook page,  there's still something to be said for the old-school art of journaling. At least, that's the thinking behind Field Notes.

Field Notes' County Fair edition features individual state-by-state notebooks. Each one contains 48 pages of graph paper with blue/gray lines, and comes personalized with state facts and figures embossed on the back of its 100-lb. durable linen cover stock.

The 3.5-by-5.5-inch notebooks sell in three-packs for $9.99, and are just right for stuffing into a back pocket and recording to-do lists, remembering sites, or simply jotting down notes as you make your way across the great wide open.

For the really ambitious traveler (not to mention prolific writer) who plans to do it all, the company offers a $99 limited-edition 50-state collector's set.