An Ethiopian Adventure Unlike Any Other

What's better than two things you love coming together to form the perfect combination of awesomeness? Like, for instance, when you realize that your favorite craft beer is sold canned instead of bottled and, suddenly, you can take it on your next backcountry adventure.

But, more seriously, when two real passions come together—like a love of adventure travel and the desire to do good in the world—it creates an experience unlike any other.

That's why the chance to join nonprofit imagine1day on an epic journey through Ethiopia—a land virtually untouched by major tourism—not only to hike, bike, climb and take in the country's rich culture, but also to meet locals, interact with kids and see first-hand the profound impact the organization is having on rural communities, is one that shouldn't be passed up. The imagine1day strives to allow "all Ethiopians to have access to quality education funded free of foreign aid by 2030," and annually raises funds to build self-sustaining schools in the communities. To date, it's helped to create more than 15 schools and school systems, and all profits go directly to these projects.

This year, imagine1day is working to build a "dream team" of adventurers to join its quest to raise cash for a school in Alose Community of Oromiva. The trip is usually led by professional climber (and AT contributor) Majka Burhardt, but she's busy this year with her Lost Mountain Film project, so she wants you to take the journey, Oct. 6-22, in her place.

So, while it's great to be able to quaff an IPA among the pines, it's even more exciting to know that you're effecting positive change in the world. And if two weeks of adventuring and do-gooding through an African country is up your alley, then imagine1day wants you to sign up for the adventure of a lifetime.