Dispatch From The Edge: Giant Jellyfish!

"Soon the fat monster jelly fish invasion arrived—most of them were swimming about 3-4 meters down under us and few under the surface, but their size is up to more than a meter, with an about 50cm red-brownish colored head and a bright white fleshy tail made them shining through the clear water. I couldn't count them all, they must have been many hundreds over the day! Who wants to go swimming??

I even saw a few all red ones, instead of the bright white tail it was red all over. Yuck—but somehow beautiful..." (keep reading)

~Freya Hoffmeister
October 10, 2012
somewhere north of Tocopilla, Chile

Freya Hoffmeister is in the midst of an approximately 15,000-mile kayak circumnavigation of the world'd fourth largest continent, South America. She's on the second leg of her jouney, paddling north from Chile, through the Panama Canal and east to Guyana, which she hopes to make by April. In 2009, she circumnavigated Australia by kayak.

(Freya Hoffmeister)

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