The Deepest Pool In The World Plunges 12-Stories Into The Earth [Video]

This isn't your average pool—in fact, it's more like the ocean or a bottomless lagoon.

The recently finished Italian "pool" officially took the Guinness World Record for deepest pool in June. The pool plunges 12-stories into the earth, meaning that it's 137-feet deep at its lowest point and its 59-feet wide. It has several intermediate depths, ranging from 4 feet to 40 feet, which makes it ideal for a variety of activities. Scuba diving and free diving are the most popular activities, but they also offer opportunities for water fitness, hydro-therapy and artistic uses like photo and film shoots.

The pool, called Y-40 Deep Joy, is located on the property of the Hotel Terme Millepini in Italy. It features underwater caves for divers and a sealed transparent tunnel, located 16 feet down, for those who would like to watch without getting wet. Y-40 holds 1,135,939 gallons of thermal water and is kept at a temperature between 89.6 and 93.2 degrees.

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