Clever Hiker: The Ultralight Backpacking Know-How You Need

"Ultralight (UL) backpacking is not exclusive. It's not expensive. It's not highly specialized. And it's not difficult. Once you make the transition to UL you will never look back."

So why don't more people do it? Because they don't know about it—or where to start. Or so claims Dave Collins, the founder of the newest outdoor startup, In order to remedy the knowledge void, Collins is launching Clever Hiker's first Ultralight Backpacking Video Series, a set of professional-quality how-to videos promising to teach even former indoor kids everything from technique to gear and more, giving them a chance to hit the trail in the know. 

Clever Hiker just met its initial crowd-sourced $10,000 fundraising goal, but there's still time to donate. As a bonus, even a relatively small donation earns you serious perks, such as complete access to all of 2013's content and a say in the company's next topics. (Personally, I'm gunning for my $75 bear hug.)