Can This Augmented Reality Make You A Better Rock Climber?

The advancements in technology continue to lead us in incredible directions. Just think about the popularity of video games such as Dance Dance Revolution or Wii Sports.  The once stationary act of playing video games has now become a way to stay fit, measure your fitness goals, and simply, get up off of the couch.

But, what if technology was brought to the world of sports? Specifically, rock climbing. Perttu Hämäläinen and colleague, Raine Kajastila created a depth-sensing camera and computer software in the form of a projector, that can track the movement of a rock climber on a training wall. The system then provides real-time feedback and suggestions.

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The system projects a glowing line on the wall as a possible route, and as the climber follows, the system then suggests next moves. Climbers can set the system to different options. Have it follow you and then store the route you took, to later project and review your decisions. Or someone else can control the system and guide the climber by modifying the glowing projected line.

Because the camera and system follows you it offers instant video feedback after your fall. So you can immediately watch what went wrong. Also, there are multiple training options, and an added game. For a game element, climbers have to avoid a virtual chainsaw that is projected on the course and moves in different directions.

While it may seem to take some of the decision-making out of the process of climbing, this system can help climbers to evaluate their movements. The feedback can show you your mistakes and therefore help you to prevent them in the future.

Check out the video for the product below. The team is still working on their project, and hope to have it in a gym this fall.  

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