Year's Best Big-Wave Surf

Billabong's 12th annual XXL Global Big Wave Awards are happening this Friday, May 4, which means one thing—the 35 most ridiculously amazing photos and videos from this year's big-wave surfing greats are posted in one place. (Whether watching makes you want to hop on the nearest surfboard and paddle to a break, or strap on a PFD and avoid all bodies of water larger than your bathtub is up to you.)

Award categories include biggest wave, paddle in, monster tube, performance men and girls, (the so-brutal-you-can't-look-away) wipeout of the year, and of course, the esteemed ride of the year. Winners take home a cash prize—presented, of course, in giant check form (what bank do they take those things to, anyway)—and the hard-earned respect of their equally insane adrenaline-thirsty peers.

Some nominations of note:

Garrett McNamara (USA) caught a 90-foot freak wave off of the coast of Nazare, Portugal, that's debated to be the biggest ever ridden. He's nominated for both ride of the year and XXL biggest wave. 

Nathan Fletcher (USA) rode a tube so big and perfect at Teahupoo, Tahiti, that it looks like it should be in a Pixar movie—earning himself a ride of the year and monster tube nomination.

Danny Griffith (Australia) tried catching an unruly wave at Shipstern Bluff, Tasmania, went down at the beginning and was completely consumed by the enormous wave—he actually looks like he's being eaten. Griffith is nominated for the wipeout award. Ouch. (Amazingly, he, and all other wipeout nominations, walked away unscathed.)

Tune in Friday at 7:30pm PDT, when the awards stream live on YouTube Network A. Or, if you miss the big night, catch the action on May 20, 6pm EDT when the ceremony airs on Fuel TV.