The Other Amazon: Guyana's Rainforest Treks

Truly one of the last untouched pockets of one of the last frontiers, Guyana's tract of Amazon rainforest is starting to open up to eco-tourism. A trio of lodges in Guyana (Iwokrama River Lodge, Atta Rainforest Lodge, and Rock View Lodge) opened in recent years with the participation of the local Amerindian peoples, and in 2012 International Expeditions piloted a tour here, including hikes through the jungle to massive waterfalls and excursions to spot 800-plus bird species at the Asa Wright Nature Center in nearby Trinidad.

International Expeditions' Emily Harley says Guyana has been the company's radar for years. "It was actually the first place that our Director of Program Development visited outside of the U.S. when he was studying biology in college," she explains. "He's watched the area closely since then, but recognized that it needed some improvements to the overall infrastructure before it could support visitors. Now Guyana as a country is trying to develop its tourism base in a green and sustainable fashion, and we found a combination of activities, lodges, and guides that made this the absolute right time to offer Guyana to our travelers—there are gorgeous hikes, paddling, canopy walkways and so much more."

Editor's Choice:
An 11-day excursion offered by International Expeditions takes you to one of the most pristine tropical rainforests remaining in the world. You'll travel by foot and 4x4 to the spectacular 822-foot Kaieteur Falls, visit tribal villages, and spot hundreds of bird species and other wildlife, including the elusive jaguar. From $5,998 per person.

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