Safari By Paddle: Botswana's New Big Game

The spectacle of Victoria Falls and the lions, leopards, elephants, zebras, and giraffes of the Okavango Delta have long made Botswana a top safari destination. Now, companies like Explore Africa are starting to showcase the country's paddling options, as well, with new trips along the Selinda Canoe Trail, a four-day, three-night paddling trip through the Selinda Wildlife Reserve.

Explore Africa is also introducing a way for equestrians to experience Botswana, with a new three-day horseback-riding trip out of Camp Kalahari, a traditional tented camp on a palm-fringed island known for its vast herds of zebra. Zu/'Hoasi Bushman guides live nearby.

There's also a new wildlife safari here for 2013 from Austin-Lehman Adventures and another from Uncharted Africa.

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