Bear Grylls Launches Survival School

Although Bear Grylls may end a day of wilderness survival with a dip in the hot tub, don't expect this same five-star treatment at his new outdoor school.

At Grylls' Survival Academy, adults aged 18 and over can learn how to cross rivers, tie fail-safe knots, make snares and traps, build an emergency shelter, light fires, descend cliff faces, deliver remote First Aid and more in just six days.

Essentially, it's Boy Scout camp on steroids.

The course takes place in Sutherland, Scotland, "one of the last true wilderness areas of the British Isles," according to the Academy's website. The inaugural course will run from Nov. 3–9 and include just 10 participants. It will culminate in a 36-hour wilderness expedition that tests each person's new skills.

The enrollment fee of $4,900 covers the cost of training with the Man vs. Wild/Born Survivor crew (Grylls himself will not teach, but may make an appearance while you're there) and –if you complete the course– the "coveted" Bear Grylls Survival Academy badge and certificate and a Bear Grylls Ultimate knife.

If you're a huge fan, but can't make it to Scotland, hang in there. The survival academy is working on classes for the United States and Africa in 2013. 

To learn more about the program, visit the Bear Grylls Survival Academy website.