"Jackass" Drops 100 Ft. In Tandem Kayak

When a "Jackass" star plops into a kayak, you know it's not to get a tan on a lazy paddle down the river. So, in true fashion, Bam Margera recently jumped in a tandem kayak with pro kayaker Steve Fisher and (what else?) plunged over a 100-foot waterfall in Oregon.

Whether you love Margera or hate him, this stunt is impressive, even for the lifelong delinquent daredevil. So impressive, in fact, the aftermath sent Margera to the hospital for hernia surgery.

Margera tweeted about the kayak drop and his ensuing hospital visit on May 30, but the video proof wasn't released until just this week.

Margera claims the hernia was a pre-existing injury, and we're inclined to believe him. The former pro skater is certainly no stranger to pain—or to hospital visits. The now 31-year-old has made a living of hurting himself since his "CKY" video series debuted in 1999. He's broken his tailbone flying off a skateboard ramp in a bucket, landed legs-akimbo on a stair railing after attempting to ollie over a 14-stair set, ruptured his liver, endured countless head injuries and more. (See here for his top five injuries highlight reel).

Don't expect to see Margera embark on a pro kayak career anytime soon, though. And while we can probably rack it up to the adrenaline surge of the stunt, in the video, he does call his kayak drop "the gnarliest thing I have ever done." He also threatened to pay Fisher back by making him drop into a vert ramp. If he does, we'll be sure to find that video, too.