The Backpack To End All Backpacks

Mission Workshop is an upstart bag manufacturer with deep roots in the bicycle messenger business. In other words, these guys know how to make bags and apparel that can stand up to some serious abuse.

Granted, some of the company's product skews towards the prissy, expensive side of things, like the cool-looking-but-way-too-damn-expensive Eiger jacket.

But then there's the all-new Arkiv system bags—a modular, fully customizable storage solution that starts with a 1,200- or 2,200 base unit ($209 and $229, respectively), and builds up into exactly what you need (and nothing you don't) via a series of optional weatherproof accessories.

The pack comes in black or dark-gray Nylon, or in a classic waxed canvas for a $30 that we would hazard is well worth the cost. Its main compartment can be closed in either "flap-down" or "roll-top" mode, and accessories fasten cleanly and securely to the sides and front of the pack via sturdy sets of sliders. For longer overnight adventures, you can piggyback multiple accessories on to suit your needs. Cinch it all down with a the padded waist strap option.

Are you going to take this thing into the backwoods? Probably not, but it could handle it. This pack is perfect as an everyday travel companion and is just begging to be schlepped through train stations, airports, urban jungles—you name it. 

Think that shoulder-strap cell phone pouch is dumb? Don't get it. But chances are at least a few one of the eight different add-on options will appear to your particular portaging needs. All Arkiv packs and accessories are completely weatherproof, made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty.

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