Around The World In 10 Crazy Days

If you're not among the 4.5 million people who've already seen "Make It Count," it's time to hop on board.

The story: Nike asked filmmaker Casey Neistat to shoot an ad centered around the slogan, "make it count," to promote its newest calory/energy-tracking accessory, the Nike Fuelband. But instead of churning out the promo Nike was expecting, Neistat grabbed a friend and decided that they would, instead, live the slogan. 

The result: 10 days, 34,000 miles, 16 cities, 13 countries, three continents, one (envy-inducing) 4.5-minute video and zero remaining dollars.

"The 'Make It Count' film was the third film I was to make for Nike, and at the last minute I thought, 'If I could do anything in the world and make it count, what would I do?'" Neistat told CNN. His answer—this film—speaks for itself. We're still not sure what the heck the Fuelband is, but we're happy to be along for the ride.

In response to the finished product, blogger Rolf Potts writes, "Travel is like life, amplified. Your senses are heightened, experiences are vivid and time becomes your biggest asset." And if that's not how you make it count...well, then we don't know how you do.