The Best Adventurous Places For People Who Hate Hot Summer Days

Now is the time of year when we northerners all start thinking about putting away our winter clothing and basking in the warmth of the summer sun. We can hardly wait to take that first dip in the pool, go on summer picnics in the parks or watch movies outside on warm summer nights.[slideshow:104118]

But what we tend to forget is that by mid-August, the pool has turned into a hot tub, no one feels like sweating while eating and a movie in a cool basement sounds more civilized than sweltering outdoors.

Yes the hot, sultry, humid, dog days of summer will have arrived, and all one can do is think of any way to get relief from the boredom of sitting inside and the heat from outside. Hopefully, when that day arrives some of the following adventures might cool you and thrill you at the same time.

Click here to see 20 adventurous places to cool down in hot summer days

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