The Top 6 Adventure Sports In Hawaii

When we think of Hawaii, we usually think about their gorgeous beaches, incredible weather and unique culture. But, if you are looking for extreme adventures on your next vacation, you may be happy to hear, Hawaii is full of adrenaline inducing activities. There is a variety of outdoor adventure trips to choose from.

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Whatever it is your heart desires, Hawaii has got you covered. From skydiving and capturing views of Hawaii from above, entering a cage and getting up close and personal with sharks and ziplining through trees, across canyons and through rainforests.

It is true; there are many reasons why you should visit Hawaii in the summertime, but regardless of the season, you can still embark on adventures because of their the year-round warm weather.

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1. Sky Diving

Skydive in Hawaii to experience one of the world's most spectacular dropzones. Experience skydiving for your first time by going tandem. Follow a few minutes of instruction then freefall with a professional instructor. Skydive Hawaii offers special discounts for members of the military, birthday parties, students and groups.


2. Zip Lining

Soar through the trees, across canyons and through rainforests on a zip lining excursion in Hawaii. Some of the best companies to choose from include Kohala Zipline, Big Island Eco Adventures, Skyline Eco Adventures and Nui Pohaku Adventure Tours.


3. Cliff Diving

Hawaii is well-known for its popular cliff diving spots, some of which include Black Rock in Maui, Kawainui Falls in Hilo, Leap of Faith in Oahu, Nuuanu Water Tower in Honolulu and Southpoint Cliffs in Naalehu.


4. Triathlons

Ready for your first triathlon? Head to Hawaii. Hilo hosts the Hawaii Island Olympic Distance Triathlon – swim, bike and run. Also enjoy the EPIC5 Challenge in Kilauea, the Koa Kai Sprint Triathlon in Kaneohe Bay and head to Oahu for the Norman Tamanaha 15k Marathon.


5. Big Wave Surfing

Visit one of the best beaches for big wave surfing – Jaws- Pe'ahi beach in Maui. Big wave surfers use tow-in methods in the water. Most of them are launched by Maliko Bays boat ramp, and towed in to avoid the steep climb as well as extremely fast moving waves. Jaws Peahi is also the location of the Red Bull Jaws contest, a surfing contest held for 21 of the best and most daring big wave surfers in the world. Another beach to surf big waves is Pipeline-North Shore in Oahu.


6. Hiking

There are a variety of places to go hiking in Hawaii. Visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and hike the Kilauea Summit Trails, the Earthquake Trail, Devastation Trail and Crater Rim Trails. Maui is also full of incredible hikes. Hike Twin Falls and view tropical waterfalls. Explore the Waihu Spring Trail Loop and capture the view from Maui's North Shore coastline.


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