Adventure Travel Tip: Waterproof Your Smartphone

"If you're glued to your smartphone (or tablet), don't be afraid to bring it adventuring with you. Pack along a Lifeproof waterproof phone case, and you'll be able to toss your mobile into your kayak, your backpack or even keep it with you when you're bathing under gorgeous waterfalls. Sure, it's scary to get any electronic near water, but we (and our clients) swear by Lifeproof. Bonus: With the iPhone's iOS operating system, you can take full panoramic photos. Just go to options, push panorama, and then follow the instructions. Now, you can gaze across that white sandy coastline everywhere you go."

—Christine Krishnan is hitched to the owner of Desafío Adventure Company—a leading outfitter and destination management company in Costa Rica with over 20 years of adventure experience. She, herself, thinks she's probably the only person from the great State of Wisconsin to claim to have hiked the Inca Trail and visited Machu Pichu over 16 times, and has been lucky to have escorted over 700 clients to some of her favorite places in the universe.