Adventure Travel Tip: Tricks For Lighter Travel

"Packing light isn't easy—for anyone. But try following these five surefire rules on your next adventure to help you avoid the massage therapy bill you'd otherwise have to book upon your return:

1. Make piles of everything you want to take on your trip before jamming it in your suitcase, and then put half of it back where it came from. I promise, you won't need it.
2. Choose a simple color scheme. Don't pack 14 pairs of socks to match a rainbow of jackets and blouses—attempt to mix and match with similar colors, such as blacks & whites or grays and blues.
3. Roll your clothes instead of folding them. It reduces space and cuts down on creases.
4. Pack an electronic book; don't fall victim to bringing a library with you. Kilobytes weigh less than pages.
5. Pack essentials in your carry-on. Airlines lose luggage, and you don't know how many days it could be before your bags catch up to you. If you've packed correctly, you may be able to go carry-on completely.

This way of packing is an acquired taste, and it may be a challenge at first, but traveling light allows for you to bring home souvenirs or delicious wine!"

—John Giebler has been in the tourism industry acting as a tour leader, France hotel manager, and sommelier for ExperiencePlus! Bicycle tours for over a decade. He's dragged luggage (his own and his clients) around over six continents and still lives out of a suitcase for half the year while he's leading tours.