Adventure Travel Tip: Shoe Goo's Greatness

"For those of you heading out on an extended trek or bike tour, we always recommend packing a tube of Shoe Goo. This $5.00 tube of magical sticky stuff is not only great for repairing hiking boots and cycling shoes but, being both flexible and waterproof, it is also invaluable for fixing a torn tent, patching a hole in your rain jacket and pants and filling a puncture in your inflatable sleeping mattress. If your duffle bag gets torn by a not-so-careful airline baggage handler or while being carried by a porter or yak in Nepal, you can use Shoe Goo to patch the hole and insure that it remains waterproof."

—Andy Crisconi with One World Trekking. For 25 years, Andy has been organizing and guiding trekking and climbing trips around the world, specializing in travel to the Himalayas. I have pretty much torn, dented, broken and tried to fix just about every piece of gear I have ever owned. Shoe Goo is one of those "do it all" magical substances that keeps your damaged gear useable while on a Himalayan trek.