Adventure Travel Tip: River Trip Packing With Kids

"For parents who are taking children as young as five on a river trip...involve your children in the packing process! Have your little one draw pictures of items to create a list. Then, they can go find each item and mark it off the picture-list. Set aside all items on the bed or floor, and then put them into a duffle bag together. You can use one-gallon zip lock bags for children's smaller items such as underwear, socks, bathing suits, shorts, etc. Label each bag so your youngster will be able to find things easily. My 14-year-old still does this on her own!"

—Candy Bening is the Director of Sales and Administration for ROW Adventures. Before joining the ROW team, Candy worked for a major computer company where she managed the overseas implementation of affiliate manufacturing in Thailand and Singapore. Discovering rafting in her free time, she decided on a major life change and became both a raft guide as well as ski patroller. She now juggles her time between winter skiing, being Mom for her daughter and providing life-changing travel experiences with ROW Adventures