Adventure Travel Tip: Gloomy Days Can Be Great

"While I wish I could control the weather and terrain on every trip I've taken (who doesn't?), I've learned that not-so-sunny and not-so-flat days on walking and biking tours can actually prove the most rewarding. One way I've learned to tackle inclement weather and hilly terrain like a pro is to practice before I leave in a variety of conditions. For example, I'll take a short ride on a windy day, try biking in cool drizzle or work to master a steep hill I've wanted to climb. Then, nothing (well, almost nothing) surprises me, or at least gets the better of me, on my trip!"

—Tom Hale is the President/CEO Backroads, a company that leads walking and biking tours around the world. He loves to engage in a variety of activities to stay fit and keep up with his company's many Trip Leaders—most recently, for winter, he's been a fan of skate-skiing. Learn more at