Adventure Travel Tip: On Flying With Skis

"I get a lot of questions on what equipment to bring on a ski vacation. Here are some things to consider as you decide what to pack.

1. Check with your airline on their specific policy for ski equipment. Most will allow one ski bag and one boot bag per person, counting together as one checked bag. These bags are not considered oversized, but are usually subject to any weight restriction, typically 50 lbs. So if your bag is over 50 lbs., or is your second checked bag, you will be subject to additional baggage fees.

2. Some airlines will fly your ski equipment as a 'free' second bag, but only if your bag is exclusively used for skis, boots and poles. If you throw in a few items of clothing, it may be considered regular luggage and subject to any fees.

If you are in love with your own skis, and can't imagine skiing anything else, bring them. But I see a ski vacation as a great time to try out a few new pairs and play around with different side cuts, new technology, or maybe a fat pair of powder skis if we are lucky enough to get some fresh stuff! The one thing I do always recommend a guest bring, and not check, but actually carry on the plane with you, are your ski boots. A good fitting pair of ski boots is impossible to rent, and nothing is more frustrating than skiing in ill-fit boots."

—Kathy Bechtel is Owner and Culinary Director of Italiaoutdoors Food and Wine, a small active tour company creating biking, skiing and hiking adventures for small groups in Northeastern Italy. We specialize in intimate and personalized tours that cater to guests of all levels, from beginners to experts. Kathy, in addition to being an avid cyclist and PSIA certified ski instructor, is a professionally trained chef, wine enthusiast, food blogger, and has been traveling to Italy and teaching Italian cooking classes for over 10 years.