Adventure Travel Tip: Be In The Buff

"One of the best single pieces of gear you can bring on a trekking trip is the Buff. This versatile product is so popular on a Himalayan trek they even have a Buff with a map of the Everest area in Nepal printed on it. You can use a Buff as a head band, scarf, neck gaiter, fact the company touts 17 different ways to use a Buff on their website. These things wash and dry quickly and easily and have a long useful life.

I was first turned on to the Buff by an ex-girlfriend who bought me one for my birthday. I've always just used a bandana, but the Buff is warm enough to use as a neck gaiter and filters out the dust on the trail when used as a facemask. When its time for it to be washed, I just use it as a wash cloth in river or solar shower. They dry really quickly as well."  

—Andy Crisconi with One World Trekking. For 25 years, Andy has been organizing and guiding trekking and climbing trips around the world, specializing in travel to the Himalayas. (Ed note: And no, he's neither employed by Buff nor is making extra cash from his Buff endorsement!)