Adventure Travel Tip: An Airline That Loves Skiers

"I despise baggage fees almost as much as...well...nothing. They are the worst, especially when gearing up for a ski trip. The most ski-friendly airline I've found is Air Canada, which charges $0 for your first bag (already rare these days) which can be your skis/poles/outerwear bag, AND they allow a separate boot bag without counting it as a second piece of luggage. Oh Canada!"

— Robert Yturri, Obermeyer's SVP, has been in the winter sports industry for over 20 years, advocating a work-hard/play-hard outlook by having skied on most of the planet's continents. His home is Aspen, Colorado, collecting turns at all four of his home mountains, but he prefers to mix it up by traveling to climb and surf when playtime allows for it. (Ed note: And he made no money for endorsing Air Canada.)