Adventure Travel Tip: Boots In Your Backpack

"Always pack your hiking boots in your carry-on luggage: Your comfortable, broken-in boots are the single most important and personal piece of gear for a walking, hiking or trekking holiday. You've spent months training in your boots, so why take a chance on having them lost on the flight over to your exotic destination? And if you use an orthotic insert, make sure to pack these in your carry-on as well.

I learned this lesson the hard way in 2007. Upon arriving in Buenos Aires en route to a 2 week hike in Patagonia's Paine National Park, I was stunned to open my duffel bag to find out that (among other items) my hiking boots had been lifted! Only having a few hours before the shops closed, I found a shoe store and had to settle on a less-than-adequate pair of Argentinean trainers."

—Andy Crisconi works with One World Trekking. For 25 years, Andy has been organizing and guiding trekking and climbing trips around the world, specializing in travel to the Himalayas.