The 9 Most Common Packing Mistakes

Packing is arguably the worst part of traveling. It requires organization, effort and a super sharp memory, which must be a rare combination because most of us are terrible packers. [slideshow:932]

We know we should be writing out lists, starting the packing process days in advance and double-checking everything, but who really does that? Most of us make mental lists, start packing mere hours before our trips and rarely leave time for the double-checking.

Even with the best intentions, sometimes it seems we're doomed for packing failure and practice doesn't always make perfect.

One particular idiot (me) once forgot to pack bras and socks. That exact same idiot, on a different occasion, forgot her laptop, charger and its accessories when packing for college. Not to be outdone by those instances, I forget something important on every other trip I take.

Everyone occasionally forgets to pack their phone charger and sunblock, just like everyone makes the same packing mistakes time and time again. But these packing mistakes can easily be avoided and remembered by checking out our list of the most common packing mistakes.

Some women don't know that their daily hand bag isn't ideal for travel. It's easy to forget that our laptops can pull double duty as a charger and few people bring locks to secure their bags in hostels. These typical slip ups can easily be fixed and will make your trip that much easier.

Conversely, everyone who has been to an airport before knows that TSA has regulations. Yet, without fail, there's always someone holding up the line, dumping out shampoo and body wash.

 Aside from regulation sized toiletries, do you know what should be in your carry-on? If you said in-flight entertainment you need to read on.

Check out our list of the Most Common Packing Mistakes