The 80,000 Image Grand Canyon Time Lapse

Take a break from hunting powder and drooling over ski porn, and take a minute (or five) to lose yourself in the warmth and beauty of the red rocks of the Grand Canyon.

Shot over seven weeks between April and June of 2012 (including May 20's solar eclipse), this stunning new time lapse from GOTM Films strings together more than 80,000 single images into the five minutes above. And, dubbed a "passion piece" by the company (read: entirely self-funded), it was created by people who love the Grand Canyon and have a passion for sharing its beauty. "Our goal was to show the scope of the Grand Canyon to those who haven't had the fortune of visiting this natural wonder." (Though stills from the video are available for purchase here.)

A side note: GOTM points out that a few shots are not from the Grand Canyon and instead come from Horseshoe bend. "We felt it was appropriate to include these shots into the film because the Colorado River is a main staple of the Grand Canyon," they say for explanation. (We'll take it.)