8 Bargain Tents For Backpacking Light Under $100

Finding the perfect tent can be an expensive, long-winded journey. And for those new to the outdoor enthusiast boat, spending an insane amount of money on a tent is an absolute turn-off. There is always the option of renting your camping gear, including that tent, but to get out there and start creating memories with your own tent, is something everyone should experience. [slideshow:1058]

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The problem in finding a tent is that the come in so many different shapes, styles, and prices. But what type of tent is right for you? Well determining the answer to that type of question goes along with what type of camping you will be doing. Are you planning on driving to a campsite? If so, the type of tent won't matter as much, since you have ample space in your trunk to haul it. But for those who are planning on setting up camp after a day of hiking, a lightweight, easy set up tent is the way to go.

Here we've explored some great options for lightweight, backpacking tents. A backpacking tent will fold up easily, usually comes with it's own bag for storage and simple carrying. In determining this list of tents, we explored price points. Staying under $100 can be difficult, but by following user ratings and reviews, we found the best backpacking tents under that point.

These tents are great beginner tents to get out there and start exploring. Lighter is better when it comes to backpacking, so trying out one of these bargain tents for backpacking light is a great way to start up that trail.

It is important to keep in mind that these are bargain tents. So, while they do a great job holding up on a low key, rainy evening, they are not suggested for extreme hikes up the Alps. Anyone can get outside and set up camp within this price range.

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