7 Animals That Surf Better Than You

From alpacas to mice, these animals can surf like nobody's business. Only one question remains: Which is cuter—one of these seafaring animals or a two-year-old's first solo wave


Yes, "Who Let the Dogs Out" is playing, and the video starts out a little blurry, but this pooch starts to crush 40 seconds in.

This Bermese isn't quite as good as the Golden above, but at 2:40, there's a two-dog ride.


Hot wetsuit.


Okay, he might not be better than you. But hey, who knew an alpaca could do anything but spit?


Anyone else think the duck crashed this guy's wave?


Alvin, Simon and Theodore have some serious competition here.


Honestly, the best part of this video isn't the unhappy cat. It's the commentary.