The $130 Home Climbing Gym

Unless you've got a few hundred extra square feet laying around and a very understanding spouse, chances are there's no home indoor climbing room in your near future.  And with the proliferation of quality climbing gyms around the country, is that a problem?

Actually, there's something to be said for the at-home option. In rock climbing, perseverance and disciplined training can really pay off in terms of performance, but as soon as you skip a few days, that edge goes away—fast. Maintaining hand strength is paramount, and there's simply no substitute for gripping holds under load.  If you're not constantly training, you're more likely to fall off the wall. 

Enter this space-saving solution from Blank Slate Climbing. This portable climbing board brilliantly adapts a pull-up brace with a 30- by 19-inch board. The board comes with 17 pre-installed standard t-nuts for mounting your choice of holds, adding or subtracting degrees of difficulty.

Made from powder-coated steel and Baltic Birch wood (and available in light or dark stains), the Blank Slate climbing board comes with foam padding to protect walls and door trim.

So what's the catch? None as far as we can see. Climbing magazine named this product one of its 13 best for the year, and it garnered a sterling review from

For $129, the price is hard to beat. Budget $80 or so for a hangboard, and  $50 to $100 for enough holds to keep things interesting, and kiss your last excuse for not maintaining peak climbing shape goodbye.

Via GearCaster