10 Must-See Canadian Public Gardens

Spring is here, even if it doesn't always feel like it, and everyone's eager to get out in the sunshine. Whether your outdoor destination of choice is a mountain top, a sandy beach or your own backyard, fresh air of any kind is beneficial—you can't go wrong. [slideshow:950]

 At The Active Times, we're all about getting moving and getting outside in inventive ways. An outdoor activity doesn't always have to mean hiking or running, it could be as simple and tranquil as visiting a public garden.

These havens are often overlooked as feasible, family-friendly weekend trips. Many visitors mentioned living just miles away for years, and never thinking to visit in all that time. Public parks are the go-to spot for those looking for an outdoor change of scene, but gardens offer many of the same perks, and are usually more colorful.

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Both parks and gardens offer access to acres of public land, a home for wildlife and most have devoted attention to conservation efforts. Additionally, many of the gardens on our list have science centers and children's programs to educate visitors.

Some gardens house libraries, museums and aquariums, and several of the ones we looked at placed sculptures and other art among the plants in flowers in their gardens. The outdoor experience with two hearty doses of science and culture mean that visiting one of these gardens should be on your spring to do list.

If you live in Canada, or you'll be traveling in the area, you'll want to visit one of these must-see Canadian gardens.

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